a 40-day prayer campaign
to catalyze transformation

Receive by e-mail, 40 daily prayer empowerments
written to unite you (and others)
with God’s purpose to see His Kingdom UNLEASHED
through your relationships.


If you could change one thing that would make life better
for you and those around you, what would it be?

Countless people worldwide are asking the provoking question,

“What will it take to see change?”

Not wanting to settle for mediocre and looking for more than a cookie-cutter approach, UNLEASHED was created for those desiring to see God do the impossible.

This 40-day campaign is about you praying with others to stir passion around themes relevant to seeing more and more people move beyond their fears to become agents of transformation.


A passion for ownership

Modeling courageous leadership and sacrifice

A passion for preparation

Equipping ordinary people for the impossible

A passion for engagement

Impacting all aspects of society

A passion for  relationship

 Intentionally loving God and each other

A passion for  empowerment 

Transforming future generations