What is the idea of a prayer circle? The term “prayer circle” can have many meanings. In this context we are using it to simply mean creating a circle of people around you to pray.  Your circle could be your family, a small group, a club, or any network of relationship with which you associate.  This idea of forming circles was inspired by Mark Batterson’s, “The Circle Maker.”

            “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go with others.”

Who developed this campaign?  A group of approximately 20 leaders from across the USA were inspired by Jerry Trousdale and Glenn Sunshine’s recently published book, “The Kingdom Unleashed” and felt compelled to create this campaign to catalyze transformation.

What happened to the previous campaign? In the Spring of 2018 another prayer campaign was conducted, “My Family Prayer Circle.”  This powerful prayer focus for young people has not “disappeared.”  A series of 40-day prayer campaigns is being developed that will be made “evergreen” for access at your convenience.  This project should be completed sometime in 2019.